ELONKIERTO on your own

What can be found in Elonkierto? In which ways can I explore in the park? There is so much to do that you can spend the full day if you want! No matter how you spend time here, the most important thing for us is that you and your fellow visitors enjoy themselves. Please mark your signature in the guestbook at the gate!


Take your tour along the sanded exhibition trail of Elonkierto, getting to know the flora and animals. The length of the tour is about 1,5 km.

Take a signposted forest path – an excellent choice, for example, on a sweltering day or during mushroom season.

Explore the Loimijoki River shore on the beach path, which you can reach by passing the smoke sauna and continuing to the wooden hut. The path starts in front of the hut. Be prepared with sturdy footwear and a sense of adventure, as the trail is difficult to walk in wet places, especially in rainy days.


You can also ride the sanded path of the Elonkierto by bike but do it carefully when bypassing pedestrians and not disturbing animals.

You can also borrow a rickshaw bike from Elonkierto Barn (Makasiini) if you want to transport children and people with reduced mobility. Transporting and riding a rickshaw bike is done at your own risk.

By water

You can rent a canoe (with a safety vest) from Elonkierto, you can get the key to the canoe from the Elonkierto Barn (Makasiini). Canoe paddling is at your own risk.

From the pier near the smoke sauna, you can go paddleboarding on your own board. Be sure to check the flow before you start.

There is also a beach path near the pier, along which you can get a great feel for the banks of the river Loimijoki on foot.


There are seating shelters along the Elonkierto trail – you can enjoy your snacks or order a picnic basket from the Barn Café.

The wooden hut of Elonkierto is free to use, but bring your own firewood or buy them from the Barn Café.

You can also borrow a hammock from the Barn Café, which you can set up in the woods of the area for resting in nature or for a nap for the youngest members of the family.


Children tend to have a crush on animals – give them time and guide them to be curious but respectful of animals.

In the yard of the Barn (Makasiini) there is a large pile of sand for children, a hobbyhorse track and inside at the back of the Barn there is a bouncing place made of straw. The bouncing place is in use during the Cafe’s opening hours and the objects in the yard from morning to evening.


Elonkierto is a great area for jogging with your dog. Please keep your dog on a leash and collect feces in a poop bag that you can leave in the garbage bin in the parking lot. Please do not allow your dog to disturb other visitors or animals in the Elonkierto.

In front of the Barn (Makasiini), there is a water tap and a cup for dogs. A calm dog is also welcome to the Barn Cafe!


Elonkierto has renewed information boards of the trail that you can explore on your own.

The Barn Café provides instructions on how to take an insect tour and peek at field plants.


With a motorhome or caravan, you can spend the night in the Elonkierto parking area.

There are also places for camping tents in Elonkierto. In this case, contact the Barn Cafe.

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