The association “Friends of Elonkierto”, which is behind the operation of the Elonkierto park, manages the park with all its heart. The association has an active board and a full-time director of operations. In the summer, the association hires temporary labor for various development projects. In addition, there is a lot of voluntary work in the park.

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A living room for making things together

The idea of establishing an association to support Elonkierto already existed several years before Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) gave up maintenance of the park. The founding meeting of the association “Elonkierron Ystävät ry” was held at the Elonkierto barn on June 4, 2019. With the support of the Leader group LounaPlussa’s two-year development project, a new operating model was built for Elonkierto, in which a wide network of companies and associations and new development methods have been gathered around the park.

Now a new challenge lies ahead: consolidating the operation together with regional and national partners and bringing Elonkierto’s unique nature and learning environment into the living room of an even wider group and a place where you can have fun, learn and refresh yourself at the same time.


Elonkierto is an important attraction factor for the entire Forssa region. Our goal is to make Elonkierto one of the best-known tourist destinations in the country. By joining the Friends of Elonkierto, you are helping to support this important work!

  • The membership fee for an individual actual member is 20 euros per calendar year.
  • The membership fee of a company or other entity joining as a supporting member is 100 euros per calendar year or any other amount the member wants.
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